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My Newest App: Bike Finder

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Last week I released my newest Android app, Bike Finder. It’s a fairly straight forward application that allows you to find bikes and stations for use with Washington DC’s Capital Bikeshare system. For those of you not local to DC, Capital Bikeshare is a system that lets you use bikes that are available at docking stations all over the city, as well as parts of northern Virginia. The app is free, and I’m looking into adding additional cities that have companies that make their bike sharing data available (currently investigating New York City, Montreal and the Bay Area). If you’d like to get your city added, let me know, and I’ll see if the data is available, and add it to the to-do list.

I’m also planning to add some other cool features, like a notification when a “favorite” station is low on bikes, or when a “favorite” station is full (so you know you’ll have to bring the bike elsewhere). I’m also looking into adding some directions/searching feature, so you can navigate your way around the city without having to leave the application.