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WWDC Recap

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If you remember from last week, I made some predictions about what Apple would reveal today at WWDC. Let’s recap what actually happened, and we can see the hits and misses.

New Macs

Yep. Refresh for the Air and Pro lines, and the introduction of the “Super Pro”. Yeah, I was wrong about the “Retina” all around, and nothing for the Mac Mini, but I’d say I was pretty darn close. There was technically an update for the Mac Pro, but as Marco from Instapaper points out, they basically didn’t do Pro owners any favors.

Mountain Lion

Got a release month (July). There was iCloud Tabs, and a few other iOS features (Notification Center, iMessage, etc.) coming to the desktop.

iOS 6

I was a bit disappointed. Nothing I saw made me feel like I needed to have the newest update, since most of the new features are already present in the competitor’s latest offering, Ice Cream Sandwich. Can’t wait to see how Google strikes back in two weeks.

Retina Displays

I can’t wait to see it, but at the same time, I don’t want to. I know that I’ll love it, and it will make me want one and get rid of my current Macbook Air. So if you own one, please don’t show me.

New Maps

Yawn. Android users have had the same basic experience for maybe two years now.

Siri Update

Almost there. They added some more third party support, but it’s not yet at that API level where I think it will really shine. Maybe in iOS 7?

Apple TV Update

Nothing, called that one.

Facebook Integration

Still don’t care.

Yeah, I got the “Won’t happen stuff” right too (Did anyone really think there would be a iPad Mini?).

All in all, I was actually kind of let down. Nothing in Mountain Lion or iOS 6 really makes me get that “gotta have it” feeling that iOS 5, or even Lion had. I really was hoping for a Retina Macbook Air (which I’m guessing will come with the next refresh as Apple drives prices of displays down), but I didn’t even see hardware (minus the Superbook Pro, which costs way more than I want to pay), that made me feel jealous because I still had the current stuff. Maybe my expectations were too high. I’m still way more excited for Google IO, since I really don’t have any concrete idea what we’ll be seeing. Project Glass anyone?