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Guide to Google Authorship

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Today I noticed something interesting about my blog: I’m now a verified author! What does that mean, you might ask? When one of the pages of my blog shows up in a Google search, it will look a little something like this:

Why might you want Google Authorship?

  • It helps distinguish your content from other search results.
  • You might get more followers on Google+.

Would you like to get Authorship on Google? It’s actually extremely easy. Just follow the following steps:

  1. You need a Google+ profile with a profile picture of yourself.
  2. On the profile editor of Google+, there is a “Contributor to” section; add your website here.
  3. Add a link like this: <a href="[your profile URL]?rel=author">Google</a> somewhere on your website.
  4. You’re done! You can validate what your site would look like as a search result with a tool found here.

Keep in mind that Google doesn’t guarantee to show author information in Google Web Search or Google News results.